IZZE FRANCES is the pseudonym used by Elizabeth Fergus-Jean for her photographic work. Although Elizabeth has been photographing and exhibiting her work for over 30 years, this body of work began during a sabbatical taken in 2012. Her husband, John, a master printer, is the printer for this body of work.

"I love to make Images and feel called to do so. When I lower my eyes and look into the camera's viewfinder it is as if the veil of this world is lifted, and I am transported into a liminal realm. Time shifts, and as I look into the ground glass I see into the world, as the utter beauty of what is contained within it unfolds. Thus, my images reflect upon the lyrical and sublime aspects of day-to-day life. They are mysterious, beautiful and graceful responses to intuitive ways of seeing and knowing; allowing glimpses of the extraordinary – the awe – within what is commonly perceived as our ordinary world."